Creative Process

There are many ways for a writer/artist team to collaborate. Historically, the most popular method is the full script (with final dialog and panel-by-panel scene descriptions), while Stan Lee/Jack Kirby/Steve Ditko perfected what later became known as the “Marvel Method” where the artists worked with plot synopses or casual conversation.

Page Builder

  1. Artist writes and draws directly on the Page
  2. No Script, Layout or concern for Page Count

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Panel Builder

  1. Artist decides what each Panel should look like independently (accounting for Copy and Art), with no regard for Page Design
  2. Artist puts planned Panels on a Thumbnail page (adjusting the Copy placement), deciding Page Design as you go along
  3. Artist applies this Process one page at a time, with no regard for Page Count or Pacing

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Full Script

  1. Writer creates a Full Script, with Page/Panel descriptions, keeping track of Page Count and Pacing
  2. Artist thumbnails entire story, accounting for Copy and Art

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Marvel Method

  1. Writer creates a Plot Synopsis
  2. Artist thumbnails entire story, indicating preferred placement of Copy
  3. Writer adds Copy to the finished Pencil art

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Design Method

  1. Artist or Writer makes a Page Layout
  2. Artist fits the story into this Page Layout, accounting for Copy and Art

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Kurtzman Method

  1. Writer creates Thumbnails with final Copy
  2. Artist follows the Thumbnails

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EC Method

  1. Writer writes a tight Plot
  2. Artist breaks plot down into Pages/Panels
  3. Writer writes Copy
  4. Letterer letters and borders the Pages
  5. Artist draws on the pre-formatted Pages

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