About This Class

Art of the Comic Book is a goal-orientated, college-level studio workshop for making comics with traditional ink-on-paper media. Exercises are based on real-world assignments. Fundamental comic book media techniques include storytelling, character design, working with scripts, hand lettering, inking with brushes and dip pens, figure drawing, sketchbook practice and group critiques. Technical elements include ruling pens and perspective drawing. Study the comic book industry’s current production methods, business environment and history.

When you have completed this course you should be able to do the following:

  • Have a historically-based vocabulary and techniques of comics story-telling
  • Understand how these techniques should be used
  • Use basic media techniques and materials
  • Understand fundamentals of sequential storytelling
  • Apply anatomy, drafting, perspective, page layout, composition, panel arrangement
  • Tell a variety of stories in a clear and interesting manner
  • Develop creative solutions to unanticipated problems
  • Draw on solutions by historical and contemporary artists
  • Work in solo and collaborative projects
  • Objectively critique your work, as well as the work of others
  • Use currrent digital and traditional production techniques
  • Be aware of professional opportunities and presenting your work

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About Your Instructor

David Marshall was published by
Fantagraphics Books,
SpiderBaby Graphix and
FantaCo Enterprises. He is also a multiple participant of
24-Hour Comics Day. Through his one-man creative services company
Marshall Art Studio, David provides web design + development, print design, illustration and overall content beautification.

Teaching Experience

David Marshall’s formal teaching career began in 1995. In this capacity, his primary emphasis is clear content presentation, regardless of artistic media. Exercises for Art of the Comic Book leverage Mr. Marshall’s vast knowledge of both traditional and digital tools for creating comic books. Classwork combines creative fundamentals (research, anatomy, perspective, composition, storytelling, etc.) with current production methods and business environment.

Interviewed by Somerville Community Access Television

Hosted by Janet Cormier
April 23, 2010

David Marshall has a job others dream about… comic book artist and illustrator. He is the creator of Lucky Seven: The Dee Brown Incident. He also teaches a very cool class, The Art of the Comic Book. This interview covers his accomplishments, theories, knowlege of creator and industry history, and future ambitions.

Art from this interview was on exhibit in Somerville’s SCATV Gallery in May 2010.

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